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Conference with Miguel Ángel González Barrio
Legendary Wagnerian Voices
Wednesday, 12 April 19:00
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The Music Comission of the Círculo del Liceo hosted the conference "Legendary Wagnerian Voices" given by Miguel Ángel González Barrio, Doctor in Physical Sciences, professor, researcher and music critic.
The “Wagnerian singer” as a specialization is a concept that was gradually forged after Wagner's death. After a hesitant period, dominated by the school of Cosima Wagner, which gave prominence to the intelligibility of the text, Wagnerian song reached its splendor in the decades of the 20s and 30s of the last century, in the so-called "Golden Age" , with names like Melchior, Flagstad, Schorr, Kipnis, Janssen or Thorborg. The New Bayreuth was perhaps the most complete realization of the singer-actor idea pursued by the composer, and coincided with a “Silver Age” in the voices of Hotter, Varnay, Windgassen, Mödl and London, among others. From the 70s there was a relative emptiness, and for a few years we have lived a renaissance, with voices like Kampe, Pape, Schager, Zeppenfeld or Davidsen, that time will tell if they will become legendary.

Miguel Ángel González Barrio is a physicist and music critic. A Wagnerian specialist, he is a regular contributor to Scherzo magazine, and has given lectures on music at the Círculo del Liceo, the Gran Teatre del Liceu, the Teatro Real or the Carlos III University of Madrid. He is a frequent guest on the broadcasts of the Bayreuth Festival of Classical Radio, where in 2013, the year of Wagner's bicentennial, he directed and hosted ten programs about Wagnerian Conductors.
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